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  • Summer Cheese FAQs: Everything You Need to Know
    June 24th 2020, 19:59

    By Eric Schaum, Murray’s Marketing + Customer Experience Summer’s here, and it’s one of the hottest times to enjoy cheese. The heat brings a host of challenges to cheese-lovers, from transportation to storage. Still, it's not like we're going to just wait for the colder months before we can enjoy our favorite food again! I’ve worked in Murray’s Cheese for three years in (...)

  • Spotlight on Nettle Meadow: More Than Cheese
    June 18th 2020, 17:12

    We sat down with Sheila Flanagan, co-founder of Nettle Meadow Farm & Animal Sanctuary, to get the inside scoop on why this Adirondacks cheesemaking destination stands out from the rest. Was the dual purpose of cheese production and an animal sanctuary always what you had in mind when you first started Nettle Meadow? Our goal (...)

  • Murray's Foodies to Follow
    June 18th 2020, 14:57

    Sharing food is our favorite way to connect with friends, family, and fellow cheese lovers. Because the world of food is rich, diverse, and filled with a variety of palates, places, cultures, and people, we’re doing regular roundups of Foodies to Follow in order to elevate the talented people who post inspiring recipes, delicious dishes and (...)

  • Drew Bayley in Ontario, Canada
    July 1st 2020, 01:24
    Drew’s Story Hello from St. Catharines, a city in Canada near Niagara Falls!  The Niagara region is famous for its wineries and tourist attractions along with fresh fruit and vegetables purchased right off the farm. I work in IT for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) helping to procure, build, integrate and support transportation related (...)
  • Virtual Certification Program for Cheesemakers
    June 27th 2020, 16:03
    Kate Johnson at The Art of Cheese in Longmont, Colorado is at it again!  She’s always thinking of new ways to make cheesemaking fun for beginners and experts and anyone who loves cheese.  This is her press release for her latest offering – just one of many at her website – https://theartofcheese.com/. Become a Certified (...)
  • Sarah Gerving in Hiawatha, Kansas
    June 23rd 2020, 13:50
    We love to hear from beginners!  Sarah has just started making cheese and she’s loving it.  We all know it’s an exciting adventure, so, if any of you have any advice for her, please share it in the comments. Sarah’s Story Why cheesemaking? My paternal grandparents owned a dairy.  So, my fascination with milk products (...)

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