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  • An Original Story: Cavemaster 80:10:10
    August 27th 2020, 15:44

    If you haven’t met this iconic cheese yet, now’s your chance. 80:10:10, named for the mixed milk ration of cow, goat, and sheep’s milk cheese that comprises this buttery beauty, is more than just your run-of-the-mill washed rind creation. Aside from receiving honors at the 2019 ACS Awards, this fan favorite possesses a rare nomenclature: (...)

  • Refresh on Classic Cocktails
    August 18th 2020, 13:42

    When it comes to cheese pairings, cocktails are one thing we’ve always got on our minds. No matter the season, there’s a beverage recipe to suit the flavors you’re looking for, and we’re breaking down some of our own creative versions of classic cocktails in the hope that you’ll be inspired to stock up your (...)

  • Spotlight on Meadow Creek Dairy
    August 5th 2020, 16:23

    When it comes to award-winning artisanal cheese made with local milk, Meadow Creek is one of the country’s experts. Nestled in the mountains of southwest Virginia, this family-run farm and dairy is familiar with the hands-on, sustainable operation of turning the milk from their own farm into renowned cheeses like Grayson and Mountaineer. We sat (...)

  • 3 New Videos From the Biegel Family
    September 17th 2020, 11:46
    The Biegel family (of 11) in Grovedale, Alberta, Canada live and work on their large, self-sustaining farm.  Among their MANY other farmsteading activities, they raise goats and make cheese.  They are well known in Canada for their musical performances where they sing and play instruments together. Amberlin Biegel has been sharing her cheesemaking videos with (...)
  • Exciting New Membership Club for Cheesemakers!
    September 10th 2020, 22:42
    We think this is a real breakthrough for home cheesemakers!  Kate Johnson at The Art of Cheese in Longmont, Colorado is offering a membership program with a LOT of great benefits for anyone making cheese at home.  And, she has a special deal just for us!* Why join? It’s an incredibly good deal.  Specifically, you (...)
  • Imran Saleh Update - The Pandemic in Pakistan
    September 6th 2020, 23:11
    Imran’s last 7 years have been quite an adventure and it has been our honor to post many articles about him during this time.* In 2013, when we first met him (virtually), he was a home cheese maker, teaching himself to make cheese.  His wife, Ayesha was tolerating his constant presence in the kitchen, but (...)

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