NW Cheesemakers

Washington and Oregon Artisans

From the Skagit Valley to downtown Seattle, Washington cheesemakers are demonstrating their commitment to all-natural artisan products, creating cheeses that are not just popular in the state of Washington but that have been recognized worldwide.

Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA

Beecher's signature cheese, Flagship, is a creamy combination of cheddar and gruyere, carefully aged for one year and delivering a distinctive, robust, nutty flavor.

Flagship pairs nicely with a Pouilly Fuisse or a Syrah

Issaquah, WA

A raw cow's milk aged monteray style cheese with a creamy, buttery taste and texture. Naturally cream colored with no artificial ingredients or added colorants. Valley Girl Cheese, a real farmstead raw cow's milk cheese! Mild in taste, usually aged for two to four months.

Bow, WA

Gouda, a traditional Dutch cheese, is mild and creamy when young. Our aged Gouda develops a nice sharp flavor, becoming drier and crumbly over time. We have flavored Goudas, including Herb (parsley, chives, garlic), Cumin, Nettle, and Caraway.


Dinah’s Cheese 
A bloomy-rind cheese, it resembles a traditional French Camembert.

The fatty, Jersey milk gives it a deep golden color, and when fully ripe will be gooey and full flavored.

Trout Lake, WA

Sleeping Beauty  A cheese with many layers and a unique rind that reflects the changes of the seasons. Smooth and buttery with a supple sharpness.

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